Listen to the Holy Quran by various reciters Egypt

Abdelbasset Abdessamad

Abdelbasset Abdessamad Egypt

  • 570 recitations
Mahmoud Khalil Al Hussary

Mahmoud Khalil Al H... Egypt

  • 912 recitations
Mohamed Seddik El Menchaoui

Mohamed Seddik El M... Egypt

  • 679 recitations
Mustafa Al Lahouni

Mustafa Al Lahouni Egypt

  • 114 recitations
Muhammad Jibreel

Muhammad Jibreel Egypt

  • 266 recitations
Mohamed Tablawi

Mohamed Tablawi Egypt

  • 228 recitations
Mahmoud Ali Al banna

Mahmoud Ali Al banna Egypt

  • 220 recitations
Hassan Saleh

Hassan Saleh Egypt

  • 228 recitations
Mustafa Ismail

Mustafa Ismail Egypt

  • 228 recitations
Antar Muslim

Antar Muslim Egypt

  • 3 recitations
Saber Abdul Hakam

Saber Abdul Hakam Egypt

  • 114 recitations
Abdallah Kamel

Abdallah Kamel Egypt

  • 114 recitations