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Biography of Mustafa Ismail

Born in 1905 in Mît Ghazâl, a village near Tantâ (North of Cairo) and diseased in 1978, He memorized the Koran when he was very young. He Studied Koran sciences at Al-Azhar institute of Tantâ since the age of 15 before making a career as a Koran recitor. His fame started in 1930 in all Delta corners. He was invited to make a recitation of Koran in Cairo where he became very well known. Since the year 1944, he became the recitor of the King Fârouk and thus, the first recitor of Egypt.

In spite of his admiration towards his seniors; Sheikh Muhammad Rif’at and Sheikh ‘Abd al-Fttâh al-Sha’shâ’î, Sheikh Mustafâ had a special style known for its musicality. It was said that what Sheikh Mustafa had done for Koran is the same as what Omm Kolthoum had done for the Arab songs… It was also said that Sheikh’s voice used to need some few minutes to warm up before freeing his cleverness. In spite of his popularity and exceptional quality of his recitation, it is hard to take his records outside Egypt.

In his death, he was the official recitor of Az-Azhar mosque in Cairo.

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Mustafa Ismail
Mustafa Ismail Egypt