Biography of Awad Al Jahani

The sheikh Abd Allah Al Jihani has the B.A degree from the Islamic University of Medine.

He learned Koran when he was a little child. By the age of sixteen he won the first price of the international competition of the holy Koran in Mecca.

He became Imam of Al Qiblatayn Mosque. At the age of twenty-one he became Imam in the Haram Nabawi Asharif.

Afterwards, he was nominated to be a member of the educational organisation at the university of professors in Medine.

He became Imam in Qabaê Mosque for four years, then in 1426 in Al Haram Mosque in Mecca to lead the Tarrawih prayers until today.

The sheikh has an admirable voice (His voice was admired by the Sheikhs Azzayat, Ibrahim Al Akhddar, Ibrahim Am Akhdar, Ali Al Houddayfi).

He is currently preparing the master degree at Oum Al Qourra University.

He is the only Imam who has practiced the “Imama” in the respective Mosque Al Qiblatayn in Medine, Al Masjid Annabawi Assharif, Masjid Qibaê in Medine, Al Masjid Al Haram.

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Awad Al Jahani
Awad Al Jahani Saudi-Arabia