Biography of Sayyid Mutawalli Abdel A'al

The Sheikh Sayyid Mutawalli is a Koran recitor who was born on the 26th of April in 1947 in Al Faddadnna Village in the centre of Asharqiya province.

His father was a farmer; he has four sisters. By the age of five, his father introduced him to the Sheikha Maryam Assayid Rizziq who taught him the holy Koran.

He finished the learning of Koran by the age of twelve. He started to take the responsibility of reciting during parties and funerals that were organised in his village.

In 1980, and thanks to his amazing and admirably solid voice and his mastery of Koran, he became very famous in all Egyptian provinces and in the Islamic world.

He worked for the national radio at the age of fifteen years old.

He recorded many Koran cassettes in several radio stations in deferent Arabic and Islamic countries.

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Sayyid Mutawalli Abdel A'al
Sayyid Mutawalli Abdel A'al Egypt