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Biography of Saud Shuraim

Saoud Ibn Ibrahim Mohamed Ala Shuraim:

Saoud Ibn Ibrahim Mohamed Ala Shuraim was born in Riyad city around the year 1965. his educational experience is simple. Started in A’ rime primary school to go to high school. After getting his baccalaureate degree he entered the institute of Oussoul Al Dine which is branched from Imam Mohamed Ibn Saoud University in Riyad. He chose the branch of Akida. Among his teachers there were Sheikh Al Baz and Sheikh Ibn Jibrine, Sheikh Al Barak, Sheikh Al Rajihi, Sheikh Al Ghoudaine, Sheikh Faouzane.

He started his professional life as a teacher in the same Islamic law institute where he had got the master degree. Later on, he was chosen to be an Imam in “Masjid Al Haram” mosque by the king Fahd. One year later, he was selected to be a Cadi (judge) in the high court of Mecca. He got his PHD at the University of “Oum Al Qoura” in Mecca. Since then he was chosen to be a teacher at the “Masjid Al Hassan” mosque less than 8 years later. Obviously, he wrote books about Oussoul Al fikh, the resurrection of Mahdi and about the Haj etc…

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Saud Shuraim
Saud Shuraim Saudi-Arabia