Listen to the Holy Quran by various reciters Page 3

Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi

Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi Somalia

  • 798 recitations
Abdul Wadud Haneef

Abdul Wadud Haneef Saudi-Arabia

  • 114 recitations
Nasser Al Qatami

Nasser Al Qatami Saudi-Arabia

  • 180 recitations
Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar

Abdullah Ibn Ali Ba... Saudi-Arabia

  • 573 recitations
Mohamed  El Barak

Mohamed El Barak Kuwait

  • 62 recitations
Adel Al Kalbani

Adel Al Kalbani Saudi-Arabia

  • 115 recitations
Mustafa Al Lahouni

Mustafa Al Lahouni Egypt

  • 114 recitations
Khalifa Al Tunaiji

Khalifa Al Tunaiji UAE

  • 183 recitations
Khalid Al Jalil

Khalid Al Jalil Saudi-Arabia

  • 375 recitations
Mohamed Al Mohisni

Mohamed Al Mohisni Saudi-Arabia

  • 298 recitations
Muhammad Ayyub

Muhammad Ayyub Saudi-Arabia

  • 342 recitations
Muhammad Jibreel

Muhammad Jibreel Egypt

  • 266 recitations