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Biography of Group Mashariee

The team’s theme:
God says: “They are youths who had trusted their God and We lightened their paths”. The renewing of the Islamic traditions is a very honourable act, especially in this time that we need to get back to our clean roots and glorious history. The art of “Madih” (chanting for the prophet) was born in the companions’ era and developed throughout time and ages. Nowadays, “Al mashariîî” team (project team) has carried the flag of Inshaad and worked hard to make of this art a current and modern product in several countries.

The teams’ foundation:
The team was founded in 1987 in Northern America. It quickly took the first positions thanks to its hard work. They were known for their Islamic Anasheed Nabawiya (About prophet’s glory) by using ancient lyrics and Andalusi rhythms.

The team’s services:

  • To animate Islamic celebrations in theatres and homes for free.
  • To read Koran via competent and skilful recitors.
  • To make lectures about various religious and educational issues.

The team’s objectives:
The objectives of the team is to get God’s satisfaction first of all, and make happiness be part of the immigrants’ life by sharing with them their joys and even sadness. Their mission is to spread the Islamic chants that reveal moral and educational messages.

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Group Mashariee
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