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Biography of Abdul Rahman Al Sudais

Abdul Rahmane Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais:

The sheikh Abdul Rahmane Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais (1961) is the Imam of the great mosque of Mekka. He is a Koran recitor following the “Hafs” version. He was born in 1961(1382 of hegira) in El Bakiria in the region of El Kassim in Saoudia Arabia.

Sudais lived in Riyad where he used to study at Ibn Haritha primary school, then Riad scientific institute. He learned Koran at the age of 12. He learned the Koran in Riyad in 1978 (1399 of hegira) where he got an excellent degree. He entered the Islamic Academy of Riyad and left it in 1982(1403 of hegira). Sheikh Abdel Rahmane Ali Ben Abdel Aziz Al Sudais Comes from Anza Class.

Merits and Awards:

Sudais was selected to be the Islamic personality in 2005 (1426 of hegira) by Dubai organisation: International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA). Sheikh Maher Ibn Hamad Ibn Mouâyail Al Balawi …from Al Wajh province which is situated in the north of the kingdom of Saoudia Arabia. His father had moved to Medina and exactly in this town where the sheikh was born.

The sheikh studied there and learned the Holy Koran, then went to Mouâlimin University which had been founded in the same town, and became a professor of mathematics. When he went to “Mekka”, he became a professor in Bilat Achouhadae School, then worked as an pedagogical orientation in the prince Abd El Majid High school.

The sheikh is married and father of two boys and two girls. His children all study in a Quoranic learning center. He is also an Imam in Abd Arrahmane Assâaydi mosque in Al Âwaly Street in Mekka.

He is Imam of all prayers except those of the sacred month; Ramadan.

Finally, in 1426, he was named as an Imam in the Mosque of the prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) in medina.

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Abdul Rahman Al Sudais
Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Saudi-Arabia