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Al-Mus'haf Al-Murattal (Hafs A'n Assem)
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Biography of Abdul Aziz Al Ahmed

The Sheikh Abd Al Aaziz Ibn Mohammed Al Ahmed was born in 1387 (in the month of Rajjab of Hegira) in Berrida.

He studied his primary school (from 1394 till 1400) at Al Malik Abd Al Aaziz School.

He entered the international institute of Barrida where he studies for six years the books of Ahl Al îilm and others. He was the student of several Mashayikh (professors). He brilliantly graduated in 1406.

He entered Mohammed Ibn Saôud University; psychological branch in 1406. He finished studying at that university in 1410.

Later on, he spent one year in the United States of America to earn a B.A degree (from 1415 till 1417) and a PHD (1419 – 1420) in Riyadh.

He recited the holy Koran in the presence of many Sheikhs such as: The Sheikh Suleiman Ibn Abd Allah Al Ghafidh and the Sheikh Abd Al Harbi.

He took part in numerous conferences and dourouss In Riyadh and in other regions of his country.

He is currently Imam at Al Amir Abd Arrahmane Ibn Abd Allah in Moâddir Street in Riyadh.

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Abdul Aziz Al Ahmed
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