Omar Al Kazabri - عمر القزابري

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Omar Al Kazabri

Name : Omar Al Kazabri
Country : Morocco
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Biography of Omar Al Kazabri

Omar Kzabri 32 years old
The nightingale of minbars
The Imam Kzabri is first of all voice. A voice that shakes people and doesn’t’ match, somehow, the imams of the old school “the nightingale”, as they all call him is aware of this: “the best way to reach the heart is melodious reading of the Quoran.” A son of a Marrakchi Imam, Omar had led prayer unit his father for the first time when he was 11. After getting the Baccalaureate degree, he went to the Saoudia Arabia to learn about Fiqh (Islam’s sciences) and went back home 5 years later without getting a degree. It didn’t mind to him science, he earned the experience. The start was at the Mosque of Oulfa Street in Casablanca. He got famous even before having access to Hassan II Mosque, and there, he became a phenomenon in society. The great mosque was concerned by doubtful methods in terms of finance since it was deserted by some fellows. The presence of Kzabri in there made a lot of “Casablancais’ do a pilgrimage to attend. His dream is about leading the prayer in “Mekka” and gives pleasure to youth to read Koran.


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