Mohamed Ayoub - محمد أيوب

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Mohamed Ayoub

Name : Mohamed Ayoub
Country : Saudi Arabia
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Biography of Mohamed Ayoub

The Sheikh Mohammed Ayoub Ibn Mohammed Youssef Ibn Suleiman Omar was born in Mecca in 1327 of hegira.

He finished quran learning thanks to Sheikh Khalil Ibn Abd Arrahmane Alqariê in 1385.

Among his Sheikhs there are:

  • The Sheikh Abd âaziz Mohammed Outman.
  • The Sheikh Mohammed Sayyid Tantawi.
  • The Sheikh Mohammed Amine Achanqitti
  • The Sheikh Abd Al Mouhssine Al Ghounaymane
  • The Sheikh Abou Bakr Al Jazaîrii

Mohammed Ayoub became an Imam in several mosques in Mecca. Among his responsibilities are:

  • - Secondary Imam of the prophet’s Mosque in the year 1410
  • - Imam of Qabaê Mosque who is in charge of directing Tarrawih and Al Qiyam prayers
  • - Imam of Al Anabiya Mosque between the year 1394 and 1403
  • - Imam of Abd Allah Al Houssayni Mosque in 1403


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