Doukkali Mohamed - الدوكالي محمد مختار العالم

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Doukkali Mohamed

Name : Doukkali Mohamed
Country : Libya
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Biography of Doukkali Mohamed

Sheikh Doukkali Mohamed’s biography:
The sheikh was born in 1949 in Awladd Al âalam Village.

His father gave him a Koranic education. He went then to Al Assmari institute in Zeltine city where he finished studying Koran.

Later on, he went to Tarrablous to study about Islam (from primary school to high school) in Anas Ibn Malikk institute.

In 1971, he got the Môalimin general diploma. He worked as Imam, priest and Koran professor at Bellamine University of Tarrablous, then as a professor at Daêwa Islamiya University in 1994.

He finished, later, a full recording of Koran.

He, then, became Imam of Salat Al Qiyam in Moulay Mohammed Mosque and then a general director in the law field in the lybian Islamic cult. He took part in several international competitions as a referee concerning the learning of Koran in Morocco and Iran.


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