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Imad Rami

Name : Imad Rami
Country : Syria
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Biography of Imad Rami

The Mounshid Dr Imad Rami was born in Damascus city, where recitations and Islamic celebrations are done to glorify the prophet’s birth. Dr Imad likes to listen to beautiful song compositions that were created by great masterminds like Omar Al Batsh and Abd Al âl Al Jarsha and sung by amazing Islamic voices like Muslim Al Baytar, Tawfiq Al Mounjid, Hssan Adîb, Sabri Al Moudallal, Abd Arraôuf Al Hallaq and Fouâd Al Khantoumani. He was influenced by his mother’s family whose grand father is the beloved great artist Muslim Al Baytar. He grew up in listen to smooth compositions at home; a fact that had a great impact on his life.

Dr Imad Shakhashiro was born in Damascus in 1963. He started chanting when he was with his family and friends. He noticed that indecent songs were invading TV channels and decided to participate in the evolution of Islamic songs in a very creative manner that matches oriental songs. He became then a music teacher.

He edited quietly his first album and then defused the second and third that made of him a famous person with the intervention of any advertising company. People were looking for his albums and were waiting eagerly for them.

He travelled around the glob to animate lots of concerts in Damascus and other Syrian cities. He was invited several times to Lebanon to sing at one of the biggest castles of UNESCO, then in Sayda, Tripoli, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Cairo where he met Sheikh Muhammad Mitwalli Ashaâraoui four months before his death. He was invited three times to the United States and went over many states. He went also to London and other cities of the United Kingdom in 2004 and 2005.

Everybody were satisfied of his albums that are still sold in cassette markets and competes with Sheikh Ashaâraoui, the beloved Sheikh Abd Al Hamid Koshk, Dr Amro Khalid and Sheikh Al habib AL jafriy.


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